5 Best Camera & Laptop Bags for Digital Nomads

Best Camera & Laptop Bags
Best Camera & Laptop Bags

As a digital nomad, your laptop and camera will be among the most valuable gear that you carry with you, and you will, therefore, need a reliable bag to pack them in.

The backpack should not only be lightweight but spacious enough to accommodate the equipment and their accompanying accessories.

Some of the best bags to consider include:

1. CADeN Travel Camera & Laptop Backpack

The CADeN Travel Backpack has a large capacity to suit digital nomads. Its dimensions are 12.99 × 6.69 × 16.93 inches (L×W×H), and it will fit one camera body, two lenses, iPad, tripod, and a 15.6ʺ laptop.

You can also arrange your clothes to make the bag a casual travel backpack. The primary compartment is separated into two parts to make organization easier. The first half is ideal for clothes and books, while the other one will accommodate your camera and lens.

The rest of the bag is divided into two big paddings, two small paddings, and an elasticity protection strap. There is one external zipper capacity that can fit cleaning tools, a wallet, a lens cap, and a UV lens.

The backpack is packed with travel-friendly and versatile features. It offers access on the side so that you can reach in and remove your camera in a few seconds.

You will hardly miss any photo-worthy moment with this backpack. Another convenient feature is the USB charging port that you can use for cellphones, cameras, and other electronic devices.

CADeN offers superior safety capabilities with this backpack. You can travel worry-free thanks to the password padlock which will discourage any other person to access your valuables.

Theft is a significant concern with digital nomads, and the last thing you want is to lose that camera that you saved up for, for months. There is a stash RFID pocket on the shoulder strap to keep your access cards, word ID, and VIP ID.

You can carry this backpack to tropical destinations since it has an impressive waterproof design. It is made of scratch-resistant 900D Nylon with a thickness of 0.6MM. You also get a rain cover to keep your valuables dry even as you explore in the rain.

Your gear will also be protected from any bumps along the journey as the paddings are tailored from 7-layer shock-resistant and drop-resistant material. A multifunctioning belt prevents shaking when climbing or riding.

The backpack is exceptionally comfortable to carry as its lengthening shoulder straps are made from decompression and high-elasticity memory foam. They also feature crossing reinforcement technology and can handle loads of up to 50 kg.

The CADen Travel Backpack serves as a functional and fashionable backpack for travelers and can be used by men and women alike.


  • Superior protection for camera and laptop
  • High-quality padding
  • Large capacity


  • Limited color options


2. Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera & Laptop Backpack

The Case Logic SLRC-206 is built as a tough bag to keep up with the adventures of digital nomads. The bag enjoys impressive ratings, and the Case Logic Company has garnered a reputation for making products that protect equipment like cameras since 1984.

The bag comes in a minimalistic black design with orange accents for a stylish flair. This is the only kind of color combination on offer, but it should not be a problem for travelers only looking for a functional backpack to take with them.

It will accommodate an SLR camera body with an attached lens, drones of up to 320 mm × 270 mm × 140 mm, and a variety of accessories.

One thing that digital nomads are keen about is comfort, as no one wants to be miserable for hours on end. This backpack is furnished with messy padding to keep you cool and dry instead of sweaty and uncomfortable. The straps are also suitably-padded and will be easy to carry even with the bag filled to the brim.

The inside of the bag features adjustable dividers that will allow you to customize its interior. There are an additional four accessory compartments to store items like memory cards.

The memory foam interior will cushion the LCD screen of your camera and other delicate parts of your camera. The back area of the bag is designed to hold laptops, and it can fit 15-inch pc laptops or 17-inch mac books.

This backpack is made for the rigors of constant travel, and you do not have to worry about durability when using it. Its exterior is fortified with heavy-duty nylon material for shock-absorption. The straps are industrial strength, while the zips are sturdy and rust-resistant.

The bag’s base has been made with a durable plastic called EVA, which allows it to stand on its own without collapsing. With the bag not being collapsible, however, you may find it hard to fit it in some spaces like under an airline seat.

It also features a patented hammock system that allows travelers to suspend their SLRs as added protection from base impact. This system is, however, more suited for small lenses and not larger kinds.


  • Provides excellent comfort through padded straps and meshed padding at the back
  • Travelers can customize the interior of the bag
  • Includes the patented hammock system


  • Zippers cannot be locked together
  • The bag is not collapsible
  • May not fit larger cameras and lenses


3. Endurax Large Camera & Laptop Backpack 

The Endurax ShellX P01 Backpack is a reliable bag for carrying your favorite travel drones. It has a specialized drone zone that can accommodate all DJI Mavic drones like the Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, and DJI Mavic 2. A detachable layer will prevent your drones from shaking and ensure they arrive in one piece at the destination.

The backpack provides a lot of storage. You can store two pro-sized mirrorless cameras, six to eight lenses, and two to three flashes. It has extra capacity for a camera with a long, attached lens like the Sigma 150-600mm lens.

If you want to access your DSLR quickly, you can keep it in the top compartment, even with its lens attached. The camera and accessories you keep in the main compartment will be well protected from shaking thanks to large protective padding.

The PO1 wins big on protection. The front panels are fitted with protective armor, and you can store fragile items in the protected top pocket as well. You can comfortably take the bag to rugged landscapes without worrying about damaging your gear.

There is a laptop compartment that can accommodate 17-inch models while you can keep tablets of up to 10 inches in a separate compartment. There are multi-functional side pockets where you can fit tripods, water bottles, and other items. Drone tools and accessories can easily fit into the side-flip pocket.

You get a rain cover to keep the bag dry even in wet environments. The airflow back padding is breathable to make the bag incredibly travel-friendly. There is also a reflective strip to keep you visible when walking or riding at night. The bag can also stand by itself and protect your cameras from impact using the wear-proof standing pad.


  • Lots of storage
  • Ideal for carrying drones


  • Not entirely waterproof as you have to use a rain cover


4. TARION Camera & Laptop Backpack

The Tarion Camera Backpack promises a large capacity for the productive nomad. You get eight removable dividers that can be adjusted and organized according to preference. The pieces are padded, and you can re-organize the interior to offer maximum protection to your valuables.

The bag’s dimensions are 11.8 × 6 × 17 inches making it a reliable carry-on in any airline. It can accommodate one camera, six lenses, and a flash trigger.

There is a 15-inch pocket to accommodate a laptop or tablet while an additional zippered mesh pocket will fit other accessories. You can fit your water bottle and umbrella in the high-elasticity mesh side pockets, and your tripod can be attached to the bag’s bottom.

The versatility of the backpack makes it an excellent choice for your travels. It is super-light to carry around for day trips, and you can even remove the camera compartments to make it more appropriate for short adventures.

The shoulder straps are well-ventilated for maximum comfort while the back panel promotes breathability and airflow. You can expect to be comfortable even when you are carrying a heavy load. The tear-resistance nylon outer material enhances the bag’s durability. You also get a rain cover to keep out water and dust.


  • Convenient carry-on
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy & Durable


  • Only available in black
  • Lacks security features


5. AmazonBasics DSLR Camera and Laptop Backpack

The AmazonBasics DSLR Camera and Laptop Backpack is built to store your photo and editing accessories as you travel. Its interior can be customized and can accommodate two SLR cameras, three to four lenses, and a 17-inch laptop. This is plenty of room for a digital nomad since you can even fit a telephoto lens.

The front compartment will fit a variety of tools and items like your laptop charger and other cables. Half of the chamber features a mesh bag where you can stash documents like your passport. Smaller items can go in the pouch.

You are assured of comfort with this backpack because of the broad and padded straps, and there are also waist and chest straps. The shoulder straps will not eat into your shoulders, as is common with narrower straps. There are additional straps to safely attach a tripod when traveling.

This backpack is not exactly luxurious, but it does the job of holding your camera and laptop perfectly.


  • Provides decent space
  • Lightweight


  • Not waterproof


How to Choose a Camera and Laptop Bag for Travel?

You will need to find sufficient cushioning in whichever camera and laptop you choose for your travels. Some manufacturers have captured the needs of a laptop and camera in one convenient package for digital nomads. Some features to look out for include:

Weight Capacity and Size

The first thing determine is the caapcity of the selection in question can carry. If you only have a standard DSLR camera and a small lens, you will likely not need a lot of capacity. Professional photographers will, however, need to store multiple lenses, and plenty of camera accessories and will demand more space.

Keep in mind the supporting gear that you need to carry as you travel, including tripods, flash spare batteries, tripods, and chargers. It is best to write all the equipment down and identify how much capacity you need. You should check for removable compartments that extend the capacity of a backpack.

These backpacks are meant to be carry-on luggage, meaning that they should comply with airline regulations. The expected dimensions differ between airlines but are often fall in the range of 22 × 14 × 9 inches.

You should also be keen on the stated capacity. If the bag has a compartment for a 17-inch laptop, for example, this might mean thin models, and you will be disappointed to find that your bigger version is a tight fit.

Number of Compartments

The best thing about buying a bag made to carry cameras and laptops is that there are special compartments to carry the equipment and their accessories. Ensure that they are designated laptop shelves as some do not have one.

Check if the bag has additional compartments for items like phones, chargers, batteries, memory cards, business cards, and documents. Some will have quick access pockets at the front where you can store a camera in case you are wary of missing a photo-worthy moment.


Not all destinations are safe, and it is wise to try and blend in with the crowd. The last thing you want is a backpack that screams “look at my pricey equipment” as it can make you an unfortunate target. Look for an inconspicuous backpack that will not attract attention.

You can look for features like concealed pockets, back-loading gear, and lock mechanisms such as passwords. Some bags come with steel cables to attach them to a stationary object.


In most destinations you visit, the action will be mostly outdoors. If you are adventurous, you want the freedom to hike, bike, camp, and do other engaging activities. A durable backpack will protect your equipment and leave you to explore worry-free.

Look for strong materials like ballistic Nylon and industrial-strength straps. The zippers should not only be sturdy but rust-free as well. The bag should also be water-resistant or come with a rain cover to protect it from rain and other elements.


The backpack should be easy to use and travel-friendly. It is common to see photographers fumbling around for their gear in the face of a perfect shot. If you want to be able to pull out your camera quickly, look out for quick-access panels and external compartments. Some bags have access points at the sides, below, and on top.

Easy access should not mean compromised security, however. Ensure that you can quickly take out your equipment without becoming a target. Determine how the bag opens, as you may need to take off the whole backpack to remove the gear if the access point is against your back.


You should be able to re-arrange the interior compartments to fit your traveling needs. Travelers can even remove the camera pieces with some models if they do not need to carry the camera for short trips. Customization will help you fit all your belongings in a compact design.


Good-quality backpacks are furnished with padding to promote comfort. The shoulder straps should be broad and padded, while the back area should have breathable padding.

You can get tired quickly when carrying a lot of gear without a waist belt or lumbar support. Invest in a comfortable backpack if you have heavy lenses.

Can You Take Your Camera and Laptop on a Plane?

Camera and laptops can be taken on a plane, but it is advisable to carry them as carry-on luggage. Checked luggage is often jostled a bit from one point to another, and your camera and laptop can suffer some impact.

How Heavy Should be Your Bag? (When Full Packed)

You should aim to keep the backpack’s weight under 20 pounds for comfort, although some travelers carry more.

Should You Carry a Tripod in Your Bag?

Tripods carry best when they are attached on the outside of a bag. For an easier time in airports, ensure that they do not go beyond the maximum carry-on limits.


Your camera and laptop will be best protected in a bag specially designed to carry them. Such backpacks feature strong padding, customizable compartments, and security functions to keep your gear safe and protected. The best ones also allow for maximum comfort through padded shoulder straps and breathable material.

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