5 Best Wheeled Backpacks for Digital Nomads

Best Wheeled Backpacks for Digital Nomads
Best Wheeled Backpacks for Digital Nomads

Wheeled backpacks are flexible to carry because you can either drag them on their wheels or strap them on your back. It can get tiring to carry a bag on your shoulders for hours, which is why it is favorable to have a wheeled model.

These bags also offer excellent accessibility, which is an advantage for any traveler. Wheeled backpacks are, however, heavier than the usual backpacks. Some of the models to consider include:

1. Samsonite Wheeled Backpack

The Samsonite Wheeled Backpack features organizational compartments to keep various devices and their accessories like iPads and a Kindle. A laptop pocket will fit models of up to 17 inches.

The backpack is fitted with in-line skate wheels that travel smoothly even over bumpy surfaces. Its ice-pick pull handle is retractable, and you can also tuck the straps in a hidden pocket when they are not being used.

The bag will easily travel as carry-on luggage and will sit in overhead cabins. It has padded straps for comfort while it is resistant to wear and tear.


  • It glides smoothly on different surfaces
  • The extra-padded shoulder straps offer comfort


  • The handle is prone to breaking
  • The stitching can also come undone with constant use


2. Matein Rolling Backpack

The Matein Waterproof College Wheeled Travel Backpack is ideal for carrying laptops on the go. It has a padded compartment that can accommodate laptops less than 15.6 inches in size.

You can be assured that the device will be well protected even as you wheel the backpack around.

The main compartment is spacious to hold clothes for an overnight trip or books if you are going to school. You can organize your items in the organizer compartment that comes with multiple pockets so that you find them quickly.

There is an additional file compartment to keep bulky books and a Verclo pocket at the back where you can store a small rag to keep the bag clean at all times. Meshed pockets at the sides will hold your water bottle or umbrella.

It will be quite easy to carry this backpack for your travels. Its adjustable and breathable straps provide comfort, and they can also be tucked away so that they do not get dragged as you wheel the bag.

The bag’s functionality will fit different scenarios, whether you are going for an overnight trip, vacation, or business trip.

Its 22-inch aluminum handle telescoping handle can be adjusted for different lengths depending on your requirements. The bag will also make a perfect gift for your working friends or school-going children.

When it comes to durability, this bag has been equipped with water-resistant bottom panel guards. The kit also has an abrasion-resistant kick plate and lockable metal zippers to secure your luggage.

You can wheel the bag as much as you want without worrying about wear and tear since the wheels are made from sturdy rubber.


  • Padded and adjustable straps for comfort
  • Multiple compartments and provides quick access


  • Not roomy enough for a long trip


3. Aoking Rolling Travel Backpack

The Aoking Rolling Travel Backpack promises maximum versatility for travelers. In addition to wheeling and carrying it like a backpack, it can also be carried as a Haul Handle for short trips.

You can enjoy smooth rolling for a comfortable journey. The 12cm wheels can handle rough terrains, and they come with a waterproof and anti-dirt cover than can be removed and cleaned.

The base features a thick and durable plate while the inside has been fortified with a rubber shell.

You can travel at night with the backpack since the reflector will keep you visible to other road users. The bag also comes with a detachable cord that will work perfectly with key fobs. Its ABS antitrust material handle will last travelers a long time.

The bag is characterized by individual quick-access pockets to keep items like a tablet, smartphone, and desk tools. The packing space fits 17-inch laptop models.

You can keep drinks in the bag as well since it is well-insulated. The backpack also delivers on comfort. The backpack harness is made of comfortable foam to keep you going for hours.


  • Can fit a 17-inch laptop
  • Water-resistant


  • No side pockets


4. Olympia Cascade Wheeled Backpack

The Olympia Cascade 20ʺ Carry-on comes in blue, black, or green color options. It is made of durable jacquard polyester and will resist the wear and tear of constant travel.

Its top-quality push-button locking handle system enhances the bag’s functionality. You can expect smooth-rolling thanks to the strong wheels that come with a protective housing.

If you want to carry the bag for an extended vacation, you will be glad to know that its capacity can be expanded. There is also a dual buckle tie-belt and an interior zip mesh pocket. Your valuables will be held securely by the exterior compression straps.

The front-loading primary compartment is incredibly large and will fit a lot of items. The front panel has a daisy chain webbing to attach to bulky items via a carabine. You also get side pockets to keep water bottles, but they are concealed.

The shoulder straps are ventilated and adjustable, although the back panel is not ventilated. The bag is rugged and reliable, and you do not have to worry if you exceed the weight limit and check it in.


  • Large capacity
  • Durable


  • No laptop compartment


5. Targus Compact Rolling Travel Backpack

The Targus Compact Backpack comes in a sleek black color to fit every occasion. It is fitted with a retractable handle and quiet roller wheels to wheel it around comfortably.

The main compartment features a soft-lined interior to protect your tablet from impact. The chamber will accommodate documents, books, files, and folders. An added workstation is perfect for storing accessories like pens.

There are two elastic straps to store a change of clothes and two side mesh pockets. Its laptop pocket can fit MacBook Pros of up to 17 inches and laptops of up to 16 inches.

There are two shoulder straps to make the bag a backpack, and they can be tucked away when rolling. The fold-away covers also function as wheel covers when it is used as a backpack.


  • Laptop and tablet pockets
  • Elastic Straps


  • Unventilated back panel


Are Wheeled Backpacks Allowed on Airplanes?

Wheeled backpacks are allowed on airplanes but mostly fall in the checked luggage category. The wheels and the frame will add extra weight, and you may have to sacrifice some capacity if you want a wheeled carry-on backpack.

You will be fine with a 30L wheeled backpack for short trips, but you will need a bigger one for longer adventures. Be keen on the allowed dimensions of carry-ons for the airline you are going to use to avoid inconveniences.

Are Rolling Backpacks Suitable for Nomads?

The needs of digital nomads change as they travel across multiple destinations. Sometimes you will be backpacking across rugged areas while other times, you need a suitcase to navigate through airports and hotels. A wheeled backpack offers the convenience of both worlds.

The bags also come in handy when you need to give your back a break. Carrying weighty loads on your shoulder is not recommended for lengthy periods, and it can slow you down as you travel.

If you want to spare yourself back problems in the future and protect your ability to travel, you will fare best with a rolling backpack.

Is a Wheeled Backpack Suitable for Laptop?

Some wheeled backpacks will feature a laptop compartment that can fit models of up to 17 inches. These compartments will be well-padded to absorb any impact and protect your laptop at all times.

It is risky to carry a computer in a backpack without a dedicated pocket for it since it can get damaged should the backpack fall, hit a bump, or get mishandled.

Can You Carry Camera Gear in a Wheeled Backpack?

Wheeled backpacks will often have large carrying capacity that can serve photographers and videographers on the move. Some wheeled bags are dedicated to camera gear, and you can take multiple cameras and lenses, and their accessories.

You can use removable shelves to customize the non-dedicated backpacks and ensure that your valuable items are next to you at all times.

Are Wheeled Backpacks Durable?

The durability of a wheeled backpack will depend on its features. Look out for durable materials like Nylon and Cordura and the stitching at the edges.

Internal frames last the longest when they are made of aluminum. Look out for waterproof construction and large wheels made from polyurethane.


Backpacks are the go-to traveling choice for many digital nomads because they keep them mobile and ready. Hauling a lot of luggage is, however, not good on your back, which is where the wheeled backpacks become invaluable.

You get to wheel them around when you get tired and benefit from the extra storage capacity. Look for a durable model that can absorb the rough nature of constant travel.

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