5 Best Travel and Digital Nomad Laptops

Best Travel and Digital Nomad Laptops
Best Travel and Digital Nomad Laptops

Laptops have become a necessity for both the tech and non-tech guys. The modern workspace demands a computer, and a laptop comes as handy due to its higher portability.

Unlike in underdeveloped regions where laptops are not a basic necessity, developed regions require its residents to have laptops for handling many jobs.

But travelling digital nomads also require a device that serves their travel needs better.

So, if you’re looking for a travel laptop then it’ll disappoint to know that not all are made to be durable and powerful enough to sustain the long travels. The tablets are quite useful too, but cannot counteract the benefits of the laptop’s benefits.

The best nomad laptop enables you to traverse the continent while enjoying doing your work. If you’re looking for the best digital nomad laptop in 2019, then our guide will help you pick one.

1. Dell XPS 13

  • 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8565U (8MB cache, Quad-Core, 1.80GHZ base speed with Turbo boost that raises the total speed to 4.60GHz) 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 512 GB SSSD
  • Windows 10 Professional OS
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Widescreen HD 720p webcam (comes with four array digital microphones)

Dell XPS laptops have been in the market for a while. From 2012, Dell has been manufacturing the XPS 13 laptops with notable improvements to each newer version. Since its inception, many tech reviewers have been comparing it with Apple’s MacBook.

Apple’s laptops have been stagnating for a near-decade while Dell has been continually improved its laptops in terms of design, features, battery life, and performance. After reviewing the travel laptops, we are confident to say that Dell XPS 13 9380 is the best travel and digital nomad laptop in the market.

Dell XPS 13 is the top digital nomad laptop on the market. It features improvements such as best webcam positioning and improved battery life that puts it at the global chart of the best laptops. At the same time, the laptop also features a beautiful design and reasonable price, unlike its predecessors. With 8th generation intel core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, and 512 GB SSD.

The laptop has an attractive design, too, and you’ll quickly note it with the elegant white and rose variants and silver and black carbon fiber designs in the laptop. This color variants and linings makes it an attractive and stylish device. Besides, it’s made from top-grade components that produces ultimate performance.

Unlike its predecessor, Dell XPS 13 now has a 2.25mm webcam on its right place, that is, above the display. Dell spent two years to design the webcam, and they are very proud of it. the small webcam has a 720p widescreen sensor that is paired with four far-field microphones to enable you to interact with Alexa or Cortana at a faraway distance. The laptop is also thin and weighs only 2.7 pounds (1.23kg).

The laptop’s keyboard is one of its main selling points and is punchy and responsive, with its glass-coated touchpad being superb and comfortable-to-use. It also includes 2 Thunderbolt USB-C ports, a micro SD card slot, USB-C 3,1 port, and 3,5mm headphone jack. This selection of ports makes it an outstanding laptop, considering that most laptops stick to the USB-C 3.1 port instead of the quality Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The screen is also dynamic and bright as ever just in the Full HD and 4K touchscreen models. Overall, the laptop is gorgeous, well-designed, and features high performance. No element is a significant nuisance in Dell XPS 13, and the webcam’s design and placement make it a better choice than competitor laptops in the market.

It is available on Amazon and comes with Windows 10 Professional. There is also an integrated fingerprint reader that lets you access your laptop easily without entering a password or PIN.


  • Its webcam is now above display
  • Features a more significant battery life boost
  • Updated powerful processors
  • Has a new color frost model


  • Has no USB-A sockets
  • Has fewer updates from its predecessor


2. LG Gram Laptop

  • 8TH Generation intel core i7 processor
  • 8 GHz CPU speed
  • Display resolution of 1920 *1090 pixels
  • 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM
  • 256 GB flash memory solid state
  • Windows 10 Home Operating System
  • Intel HD Graphics 620
  • 3 USB ports
  • Touchscreen functionality
  • Backlit Keyboard

 Despite its large screen size, LG Gram laptop is one of the lightest laptops in our category. It’s way thinner and lighter and weighs less than 2 lbs. You can take the LG Gram anywhere around the world with no worries. It features a high-capacity 72Wh battery that guarantees you up to 185 hours’ uptime, and an innovative design that comes with the 15.6″ inch screen. The laptop is light that you can carry it with your two fingers.

With an updated 8th generation Intel Core i7-8565U processor, it remains one of the top models on the market. More so, you’ll love the 16GB DDR4 dual-channel that offers superior processing performance.

Whether you are surfing on your flight or playing the latest video games, you’ll need an excellent lightweight and better performing laptop that features excellent graphics. The installed Windows 10 Professional, gives you the ability to tweak utilize the device’ high-end specs.

The LG Gram Laptop Touch screen also features multiple USB ports, such as USB-C. Its Full HD Display supports premium screen colors that produce high-quality and life-like images. Its materials are also top grade and pass the military-grade durability.

The manufacturers never left anything to chance to ensure the machine is ready for worldwide digital nomads. Its body comes from Nanocarbon magnesium that is both durable and long-lasting.

Other amazing features of the laptop include its backlit laptop that enables nomads to use the computer in dark environments. The accompanying touchpad is updated and now supports four-finger multi-touch gestures.

With the webcam on the top of the display, you’ll love making video calls across the internet due to its higher quality, not mentioning the DTS Headphone X that gives you a thrilling experience with the 11.1-channel surround sound.

With the device, you can use “Windows Hello” to log in to your account faster and more securely. Windows hello is also compatible with your other Windows devices and works with some apps. However, to utilize the feature, you’ll need to buy a fingerprint reader, biometric sensors, illuminated IR sensor, or other capable devices.

Enjoy every feature in the windows laptop without entering your password. Fingerprint recognition allows you to waken and access your files easily in the computer without entering a password or PIN. You’ll only need to touch the power button with the palm of your hand to unlock your laptop. The touchscreen features are quite useful as well as you can use it when you’re tired of using your keyboard.


  • It is thin, lightweight and has a big screen
  • The keyboard keys are punchy and responsive
  • It comes with the touchscreen feature that improves its functionality


  • The computer heats up faster upon heavy use
  • The screen is a fingerprint magnet


3. Acer Spin 3

  • 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8565U
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Fingerprint reader
  • 14″ Full HD IPS Touch
  • Touchscreen

Talk about versatility, and Acer Spin 3 comes to mind immediately. The laptop is light and ultra-slim, making it one of the best digital nomad laptops in 2019. Traditionally, it operates as a regular laptop, but you can also switch to a tablet.

It has 360° rotating hinges that enable you to switch to a tablet mode. What’s more, the laptop comes with a rechargeable stylus that you can insert in your laptop. This makes it a feature-rich and high performance laptop.

The device also features excellent features and performance aspects that allow you to attend to your computing needs. The super-fast CPU and 12-hour battery life enable you to maximize your working efficiency.

The 8th generation intel core i7 processor is a top-notch latest processor that lets you multitask without experiencing lags or hitches. Its ample 512 GB PCle SSD enables you to save your images, videos, and documents in one place. Also, the latest 16GB DDR4 memory lets you run intensive applications without slowing down the system core processes.

If you enjoy drawing or taking notes with your hand, then you’ll love the touchscreen and Active stylus accessories. The two allows you to take notes while drawing figures at the same time. The

Rechargeable Active Stylus has a protector and charging dock in the form of a “stylus dock” that protects the stylus as well as charge it. the stylus pen is Microsoft-certified and integrated Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP) during its use.

If you love Wi-Fi hotspots, then the usual band Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) comes handy for you. It is integrated with MU-MIMO that offers you faster wireless speeds. Therefore, you’ll enjoy speedier browsing devices when you connect your device(s) to the laptop.

It can also handle multiple devices at once. To complete the review without mentioning the fingerprint reader is forgetting the major selling point of the laptop. Its fingerprint reader gives you the additional level of biometric security that you need for safeguarding your PC from unauthorized uses.


  • It comes with superior build, design, and performance
  • It has a beautiful touchscreen display
  • Converts to a tablet within a single spin
  • Ideal for multitasking


  • Has no USB-C Port


4. ASUS ZenBook

  • 3 inch, 178° wide view
  • 8th generation Intel Core i7-8550 U processor
  • 512 GB SSD storage
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • ASUS Pen and Windows Ink
  • Windows 10 professional with Windows Hello

If you are looking for an elegant laptop that features excellent performance and convenience, then ASUS ZenBook is the ideal match. It comes in a 360° flappable display. This laptop can work as a traditional laptop or a tablet. It also comes with a powerful processor besides the Windows 10 OS that lets you explore the modern computing world in detail.

ZenBook Flip S is one of the best thin and low weight laptops of 2019. It’s crafted from a masterpiece material, that is, solid aluminum material. Its chassis comes from a block of metal that experts took time to hone it to ultra-thin.

Its weight comes below 2.4lb and its 1o,9mm thin. There is also a splash of luxury on most parts of the laptop, not mentioning the diamond-cut highlights at its edges. It’s one of the most iconic notebooks, and you’ll easily distinguish it from other laptops.

The Flip S laptop is best for designers and photographers as it offers them endless opportunities to redefine the laptop’s use. The device supports ASUS Pen and Windows Ink; hence, even drawing artists could explore their creativity with the machine.

Windows ink is a valuable tool that enables you to create sticky notes and capture ideas. You can also take screenshots of your thoughts and share them with professionals from the same community.

The integrated fingerprint sensor and Windows Hello allows you to unlock the device easily with only a single touch. It’s an essential feature as you don’t have to input a password or PIN when accessing your account.

Zen book’s Flip S has a fantastic fingerprint sensor that instantly recognizes fingerprints. It’s a 3.6mm smart fingerprint sensor and can also recognize partial fingerprints.

Enjoy a premium performance from the sleek ASUS Zenbook. The 8th generation intel core i7-8550U processor gets your laptop at the top processing speed. This enables you to handle the more cumbersome task and to multitask. The 16GB DDR3 memory further improves the processing power of the power, which allows it to handle tasks faster.

The NanoEdge Multitouch Display on the laptop is also one of its major marketing points. It’s beautiful with an ultra-sharp screen that offers a wide viewing of 1920*1080. The screen uses FHD resolution and flips to 178° in any direction.

So, you’ll enjoy great pictures from any angle. The keyboard also features an attractive crucial 1.0mm travel that enhances your typing speed, comfort, and accuracy.

The laptop is prestigious and has all-day 11-hour battery life. The lithium-polymer battery fits precisely to the thin laptop and also features a fast-charge feature that enables you to charge the battery to 60% in less than an hour.

The next-generation fast USB 3.1 port allows you to connect your devices and peripherals faster. The USB port supports faster data transfers and power delivery. Its audiophile quality is also unsurpassed, and features an astonishingly high audio quality and surround sound.


  • Beautiful crisp display and amazing functionality
  • Changes to a tablet, laptop or in-between with a simple spin
  • Has a backlight keyboard hence you can use it at night


  • It’s quite small and looks like a mini-laptop


5. Lenovo Flex 14

  • 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8265U
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620 with 1024MB and 1160MHz
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 14-inch display with 10-point Multi-touch; 16:9 aspect ratio, 1920* 1080 display
  • 128GB NVMe SSD storage
  • Up to 8 hours’ battery life

If you are looking for a laptop inspiration, then it’s time to check the Lenovo Flex 15. The laptop, a true masterpiece, features a powerful processor, graphics card, and an all-day battery that ensures you attend to your travel needs without the worry of your laptop going off.

It’s also 360° rotatable, and you can use it as a laptop, tablet, or in-between depending on your moods. Besides, it’s privacy is top-notch and features a webcam shutter. It also supports a digital pen, and if you’re a drawer, then you care to redefine your creativity with top-quality drawings on the device.

With up to 8 hours of battery life, you’ll enjoy streaming videos, working, or playing video games in your laptop all day. It is best for a travel nomad, especially if you want to escape the world of a smartphone for a while. Is the battery running low? Enjoy the rapid charge technology that boosts the device power to 80% in just one hour, giving you even more freedom and convenience.

It’s also incredibly versatile and is suitable for many situations. For everyday computing needs, you can use it as a laptop while if you need a more intuitive interaction, the tablet mode comes handy.

It’s also equipped with an 8th Generation Core i5 processor that makes it a fast, powerful, and responsive laptop. Along with its enhanced performance, the computer allows multitasking, which is useful when you need to shop online or enter passwords.

Connectivity to the device is average and has an HDMI port, Gen 1 USB 3.1 port, TYPE-C port, and a headset jack. The USB 3.1 port has a very fast speed and is useful for large transfers.

You also love the SD card reader that offers higher than average speeds to the machine. Its SD transfer speeds rise to an average of 80MB/S, which is higher than most laptops in the same price category. Its connectivity speed is also notably higher.

The laptop’s keyboard is also a true masterpiece that you cannot quickly wish away. It is well-spaced, and the keys form a functional layout that makes typing faster and more comfortable.

If you have used a Lenovo laptop before, then you’ll find the keyboard layout friendly i.e., with the standard array buttons such as volume, airplane mode, and screen brightness. The keyboard is comfortable to use and has a “springy” feel when you touch its keys. Overall, if you spend hours typing during your flight, then Lenovo Flex 14 is your ideal laptop.

Its touchpad is also a great feature of the device. It features a textured, smooth glide with a responsive tracking and gestures. The touchscreen functionality also works well, and you’ll experience les glitches while using it. Its touch input works well, and functions such as drag and drop are reliable. You can also pinch-to-zoom and undertake other tasks with the device


  • Tablet mode works smoothly
  • The laptop’s keyboard backlight works quite well as you can easily switch it on or off using Fn-Space buttons
  • Brilliant display
  • The fingerprint sensor is accurate and detects partial fingerprints


  • It doesn’t come with an active stylus pen, and you’ll have to buy one separately if you want to use it
  • Its medium graphics does not suit heavy gaming and other intensive graphic tasks


How to Choose a Laptop for the Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

The digital nomad revolution has been on our shoulders for a long time. Everyone wants to travel to different parts of the world while carrying their most significant asset, a laptop.

These nomads traverse different parts of the world while working remotely. Be it a restaurant in London or a café in Tokyo, the current workforce primarily consists of online workers.

And with a good and high-quality laptop, you can maximize your productivity at any part of the globe. Here are the features to look for in a nomad laptop.


As a digital nomad, you’ll require a laptop that enables you to work for hours without a charge. A battery with a long battery life comes as handy as your work requires a lot of travel; hence, you may not be near a socket every time.

Or maybe, there is no electricity in your regular bus or train, or they have frequent power outages. A digital nomad laptop with a quality battery will save you such hassles. With regards to battery life, buy a computer with at least 8 hours’ battery life; it’s ideal for a nomad life.


As a digital nomad, you’ll need to carry your laptop more often to different places. Therefore, portability is essential, and you must choose a small and lightweight notebook. The laptop should be light enough to carry around, and so whether you are walking down the beach or catching an international flight, then it won’t burden you much.

When buying a laptop, you must consider its weight and size. Best laptops for nomads usually have 14″ or 13″. You can go for a higher screen size laptop such as 15.6,” but it could be heavier. However, if you enjoy a larger display, then a 14″ or 15.6″ laptop will do. Just ensure you buy a gadget that you love.

Processing Power

This factor depends on the task that you handle with your computer. If you are a content or copywriter, then you’ll only need to use a less intensive program such as Microsoft Word that requires less processing power. A good processor will be 8th Generation Intel Core i5 and the latest models, such as Core i7.

However, if you are a programmer or designer, then you may need a more powerful laptop. Its best, in this case, to go for Intel Core i7 laptop with 16GB RAM and above. However, you should note that as the laptop performance increases, so does its price.

Also, you can ease the processor load in your laptop by using the separate graphic chip for your computer. this mostly applies to video editors and 3D designers who use heavy graphics in their work.

Storage Space

Usually, thin and lightweight laptops have a smaller storage space compared to their counterparts. However, you may require additional storage to save photos, videos, and other files in your computer.

It’s best to buy a laptop with at least 128GB SSD storage. It’s also a wise decision to buy an external drive to store your external files (at least 1 TB will do).


The budget of your laptop also plays a significant role in your nomad career. If you are starting on your nomad career, then you may not have over $1000 to spend on a laptop. in this case, you will have to stick to your budget.

Besides, you may be doing only essential work that requires intense processing power. Its best you buy what you need; it’s the rule as you don’t have to follow what others do.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for the best nomad laptop in 2019, then you’ll love our top five list. It contains laptops with the best displays, portability, and performance.

Whatever digital nomad laptop you’ll like from the list, you’ll enjoy running your nomad job with a reliable machine. Buy one today and enjoy their super performance.

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