5 Best Laptop Backpacks for Digital Nomads

Best Laptop Backpacks for Digital Nomads
Best Laptop Backpacks for Digital Nomads

Travelling is one of the few activities we can hardly avoid. As a digital nomad it’s vital, you want to carry along your essentials, i.e., phone, tablet, books, and laptops.

More so, if you’re trekking to a far distance, then chances are rife that you’ll bring your laptop along.

Laptops are valuable assets for productivity and entertainment, with many preferring to carry them to their destinations.

Whether you are traveling on a short vacation or as a digital nomad around the world, the best backpack enables you to stroll around with your device with ease.

Besides, with the increasing cases of theft, a bag will serve your needs effortlessly, allowing you to move from place to place while keeping your essentials, devices, and accessories secure.

Most students, commuters, and flyers love backpacks, and if you’ve not seen your ideal one, then it’s time you check our guide.

1. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Plenty of storage spaces and pockets
  • Luggage strap for fitting the backpack to a case
  • USB port design for quick charging
  • Water-resistant and durable polyester fabric material
  • Metal zippers
  • 56 pounds weight

If you’re looking for the #1 backpack for carrying your laptop, then it’s vital you check this piece. The bag is water-resistant, which suits it for carrying your laptop and other devices.

You’ll also enjoy charging your phone and tablet with style and convenience due to the USB charging port on its sides. It’s the perfect bag for any occasion or travel and suits both men and women.

The laptop storage compartment on this bag fits laptops up to 15.6” inches.

Besides the laptop storage compartment, it also features a spacious compartment for storing your essentials, i.e., mobile phones and accessories.

The front compartment has many pockets, pen pickers, and key fob hook, which makes it easier to store and find items in the bag.

This backpack has a sturdy design complete with comfortable airflow with thick and soft multi-panel ventilated paddings that gives you the best back support.

The breathable and adjustable shoulder straps are designed with comfort in mind and help you to ease the stress from your shoulder.

The built-in USB charging Cable inside and USB charger outside makes it easier to charge your phone while walking or jogging.

What’s more, the luggage strap enables you to fit the bag inside a luggage/ suitcase. You’ll only need to slide the backpack over the luggage upright handle and carry it.

There is also a hidden anti-theft pocket at the back where you can store your valuables. Its best for professional office work, college studies, teens, and flyers who regularly travel around the globe.


  • has ample storage spaces for keeping your items, essentials, and laptop
  • extra padding on the back, inside and straps for enhanced comfort
  • spacious side pockets fit water bottles


  • the straps tear after some use
  • it is quite heavier than most laptop backpacks


2. Matein Travel Backpack

  • TSA-friendly
  • 7 pounds of weight
  • USB Charging Port and Headphone hole
  • 45L Capacity with 20+ organizer pockets
  • Fits laptops/ MacBook of up to 17” inches
  • Breathable mesh back panels for air ventilation

The travel backpack by MITEIN is our #2 laptop backpack in the market. It is best for international travelers and larger screen inch size laptops. The backpack has incredible features such as a USB charging port and ample spaces for storing essentials and devices.

You’ll also have an easy time at the airport as the bag is TSA friendly. It is a super awesome bag and allows you to empty the bag quickly and efficiently to get through airport checks when traveling for business trips, vacations, hiking, etc.

The charging cable and USB port allow you to charge your phone while walking. What’s more, there is a headphone port that lets you plug in your headphone jack at your convenient time and listen to music hands-free.

The tech design of the device is outstanding, and you’ll love the overall outlook that complements the backpack’s excellent protection features. There are 20+ organizer pockets for seamlessly putting your things in order.

The compartments are numerous and let you store your passports, makeup, clothes, pens, keys, iPad, and travel supplies. There is also a padded sleeve and Velcro strap that enables you to store your laptop, MacBook, or tablets of up to 17” inches.

The backpack comes from water-resistant and durable polyester that makes it sturdy and durable. Besides, the heavy-duty metal lockable zippers enhance the security of the bag, not mentioning the compression straps for tightening the backpack.

Its ergonomic design also distributes the backpack weight around your body, making it comfy and lightweight at all times.


  • Solid build with good stitching
  • Huge bag with plenty of storage spaces


  • Lacks a space for organizing small items


3. Matein Carry On Backpack

  • 40L storage capacity
  • Convertible design
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for easy carrying
  • Travel design
  • Water-resistant and lightweight
  • 4 pounds of weight

Matein is famous for their high quality and sturdy bags; this new sturdy bag is no exception and blends both design and performance at a go. It comes in two color varieties; black and blue, with each design having a 40L storage for keeping your essentials and devices.

It is ideal for flyers and occasional vacationers who love exploring new places. The bag also meets airline requirements for popular airlines, i.e., Spirit, Easy Jet, and Jet Blue.

The backpack features a convertible design with hideaway shoulder straps that transforms the back to a carry-on or briefcase look. Its design has a minimalistic look and offers flexible carrying experience.

The large organizer stores your small gear; 4 compression straps keep the contents of your bag together. These straps also give you some additional vertical space, which reduces the stress on your zippers.

There is also a large inside pocket that has elastic straps. These padded straps can be adjusted either downward or upward, and they cross your chest to distribute the backpack weight around your body.

The bag comes from durable and water-resistant materials that provide maximum protection to your laptop and other accessories.

The sturdy zippers and decent stitching adds elegance to the bag, ensuring it lacks defects. Enjoy your weekend with this elegant and beautifully designed laptop backpack for an unforgettable flight or vacation.


  • it’s comfortable to carry even when full
  • Robust organization
  • has a beautiful design and solid make


  • Has no bottle holders


4. YOREPEK Travel Backpack

  • Well-organized with a large capacity
  • TSA-approved backpack
  • Airflow back & luggage design
  • A USB port and headphone hole
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Practical and convenient design
  • 5 pounds’ weight

If you’re looking for a large capacity backpack, then you’ll love this elegant backpack from Yorepek. It is available in a variety of colors such as blue, black, purple, red, and 3-grey.

It’s also available in two sizes; 17 inches and 18.4 inches. The wide variety of sizes and colors gives you versatility when picking your favorite Yorepek backpack.

This bag has a large capacity and is organized with 20 independent pockets for storing and organizing your items. Two spacious main multi-compartments have many hidden pockets for storing like clothes, stationery, and travel accessories.

The side deep zipper pocket is ideal for storing your essentials while the side elastic net pockets hold your water bottles or small umbrella. It’s the perfect backpack for schoolboys and is TSA-approved and is a multipurpose bag.

It is designed for airports as it unfolds at 90°- 180°making it pass through the airport security quickly while keeping the items organized and intact.

The big backpack has ample space for storing essentials and other items, making it the best backpack for outings, vacations, camping, and overnight trips.

It also comes with a practical and convenient design complete with an external USB port for charging your phone and tablet anywhere. The headphone hole comes as handy when you want to stream your favorite music.

It’s also extra-large and durable, and its laptop compartment can hold a 13 inch MacBook to a 17-inch laptop. The heavy-duty bag also features a high-density nylon lining for enhanced protection against wear and tear, not mentioning the water-resistant feature that protects your devices from water damage.

What’s more, the bag is well-ventilated with a three-dimensional ventilation design for maximum air ventilation and heat elimination.


  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable shoulder straps


  • A left-handed USB port is not suitable for right-handed people


5. WUAYUR Travel Backpack

  • Water-resistant and durable build material
  • Large capacity with numerous storage pockets
  • Ergonomic padded shoulder straps for reduced shoulder pressure
  • An external USB charging port
  • Ideal for several occasions

If you’re looking for a durable and elegant backpack, then its time you check the WUAYUR Travel backpack. It is a multi-capacity backpack with many pockets for storing essentials for your business, travels, hiking, or camping.

The first layer saves your small essential items, i.e., keys and tissue; the 2nd layer is ideal for items such as books, wallets, and phones. The third layer, on the other hand, stores your clothes. Umbrella and more.

While the fourth layer is a laptop compartment that it’s a MacBook of maximum 15.6” inches and an additional 9.7” inch notebook.

With an ergonomic design, you’ll enjoy less pressure on your shoulders, which enhances your comfort while the back is fully loaded. Besides, the padded shoulder straps and the bag features 3D ventilation, which helps protect your back.

The strap can be adjusted to a different position to suit people of different heights as well as top and side handles that provide travel convenience and ergonomic support.

What’s more, it also features an external USB charging port that enables you to charge your phone without opening the backpack while traveling or walking.

It also features four carrying styles that give you versatility and helps to free your hand or shoulder while traveling. It’s the perfect bag for vacations, hiking, and many outdoor activities.


  • High quality and flawless zippers
  • Well-organized with ample storage space
  • The laptop compartment has soft velour padding for enhanced protection


  • Difficult to access the bag when its fully packed


How to Choose a Laptop Backpack? 

A high-quality laptop backpack offers both visual and practical benefits to the owner. While making a backpack investment, it’s essential to consider all the critical aspects that’ll make it easier to protect your laptop.

The backpack is your laptop’s insurance and purchasing a quality one helps to protect your laptop. This it does while also giving you space to store your other essentials. Here are the factors to consider while buying a laptop backpack:


Size is the essential factor while looking for a laptop backpack and it matters a lot. Your backpack should indicate the models or the inches of laptops it fits, else checks whether your laptop fits in the backpack.

When buying these backpacks, bring your laptop along, so you’ll check whether it fits. Also, ensure your laptop fits well to avoid the inconvenience of shoving and wriggling the laptop to your bag every time. Besides fitting well, your laptop should not leave much free space in the backpack.

Purpose of The Backpack

Considering you are a traveler or digital nomad, you’ll need a backpack that has ample storage space for carrying your items and travel essentials.

The bag should also be light enough so that you’ll take it with you to different destinations. For the areas you’ll visit, the weather varies, and so a waterproof bag will help protect your laptop against rainfall.

Extra Storage

A backpack with extra storage, such as multiple pockets and compartments, is useful for travelers.

This is because you’ll easily store your essentials such as tissue papers, clothes, USBs, notebooks, and batteries in the multiple compartments. Besides, the various compartments protect your items from bumps and scratches.

Quality of the bag

The quality of the backpack plays a significant role in your selection. Your bag is not a one-day investment but rather an item that’ll protect your laptop for years. So get a laptop with durable fabric, quality zips, and extra paddings, especially the shoulder straps. It should also be waterproof and feature adjustable straps to customize the bag to fit your body better.


While your main reason for buying the backpack is to protect your laptop, you’ll also need to protect the bag as well.

Buy a backpack with a warranty so you’ll return it and receive one if it breaks due to other factors that do not include the normal tear and wear.


How to Clean a Laptop Backpack?

After using your laptop backpack for some time, you’ll notice it getting dirtier. However, the good news is you can wash your laptop backpack efficiently in a few steps.

There are two ways of cleaning your laptop backpack:

Washing By Hand

  • First, empty all the contents of the backpack by opening all zippers and compartments. Remove the detachable parts and turn the bag inside out to remove any dust, crumbs or dirt in the back.
  • Moisten the areas where dirt is noticeable and clean them with your hand
  • Scrub these areas with a brush to remove any dirt (also, don’t put excessive force while washing the backpack as it can damage easily).
  • Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add some detergent then mix it with water
  • Soak the backpack in the mixture of water and detergent
  • Scrub the bag gently using a sponge while focusing on the hidden sport such as shoulder straps. For hard areas such as crevices and ground-in stains, use a toothbrush and also clean the backpack’s zippers, especially at the embroidered area with a lot of dirt.
  • Drain the water in the basin then refill it with clean water. Soak and rinse the backpack with the water on the basin and repeat several times until there is no dirt in the bag.
  • Once it is clean, take it out to dry and avoid wringing or twisting it as it causes it to deform in the future.

Using a Washing Machine 

If you don’t prefer handwashing, you can clean your backpack using a washing machine. But please note that you cannot clean all backpacks with a washing machine.

  • Before you start to check the manufacturer care label to ascertain whether your backpack supports washing machine cleaning (failure to comply with manufacturer instructions could lead to damage of your backpack)
  • Empty the contents in your back
  • Wash your backpack with a sponge partially on areas where dirt is visible
  • Put the backpack, buckles, and straps to the laundry net to clean each. (you must separate the backpack parts for maximum cleaning. Also, use never use bleach to clean your bag. Instead, use laundry detergent.
  • Set the washing machine settings to “wash” and “rinse” only. Avoid adding the “dry” option to your machine program
  • After the machine completes washing the backpack, take it outside to dry while avoiding direct sunlight

How Much Does a Laptop Backpack Weigh? 

The weight of the backpack depends on the backpack you are carrying. The general rule of the weight of your backpack depends on where you’re traveling.

Your backpack should be 20% of your body weight and below. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, then your backpack should weigh 28 pounds or below.

How Long Does a Laptop Backpack Last?

The duration your bag will last depends on the weight and durability of its manufacturing material. The frequency and duration of use also determine how long your backpack will last.

Generally, if you buy a high-quality, durable, and water-resistant backpacks, then you can go for them for up to 40 years. Some poor quality models on the other could last you for 1 or 2 years.

The best laptop backpacks for travelers and digital nomads enables you to seamless visit different locations and countries with your laptop. the benefits of a high-quality and durable laptop are enormous, ranging from protecting your laptop and getting ample storage for your essentials and accessories.

Check these laptop backpacks today and enjoy many years of service.

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